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KRIZiT – Kristina Kasimir

”I invested time, money and myself – the challenge was there and I needed to seize it.”

It’s easy to imagine how moving to a new country might affect a young person trying to make a living. The next thought will be: where does all this passion and performance come from?  How does she succeed? Kristina Kasimir is a business woman, project starter and general agent, running two companies along with being a loving parent. In her own words: “I’m very determined and never stop looking for the best solutions. This goes for every aspect of my life”.

Growing up in Tartu, Estonia Kristina had already a special interest in entrepreneurship, even though she was unaware of the term. It was there, working at the local food market, she found out she had a passion for making money and to come up with smart solutions. Kristina has always been devoted irrespective of line of work. Picking strawberries for sale, weeding in people’s gardens and being chairwoman of the student council were all important steps forward. It was hard work most of the time, but always with progress in focus.

Eight years ago Kristina left Estonia for Sweden with her husband. From the very start she formed business plans and was deeply engaged in starting up her own company. When her first attempt failed, she looked into commercial cleaning and easily found a job despite her lack of experience.

“I don’t do things half-heartedly, I just don’t.”

During her first year in the cleaning sector she noticed the big amount of heavy chemicals being used at work daily. Kristina was convinced that alternative solutions must exist somewhere on the market; it became her quest to find these options and bring it to the Swedish customers.  After one year as an employee she said farewell and started her own business, Green Cleaning. Her mission was (and still is) to transform the way we clean our homes and offices. And here’s that passion once again: When establishing Green Cleaning Kristina had a small child, no driver’s licence and used her bicycle as transportation to customers all over town. Only one year later she had got her license and was even able to start employing. Seven years have passed since and her business keeps expanding.

“Everything I do with my time has to be meaningful! I want the cleaning industry to offer problem-solving products. On a personal level I need constant development to keep engaged. I’d also like to see more cleaning personnel who are actually proud of what they do and don’t have to expose themselves to unnecessary chemicals at work. It’s often said that we need to raise the status for the cleaning profession. It confuses me – to me it’s already a profession of high value.”

No doubt eco-friendly products based on natural microorganisms will revolutionize the way we clean, according to Kristina. Last year she started a new company, KRIZiT, for importing and providing bio-technical cleaning products and methods for both homes and offices. KRIZiT has a web shop for consumers, where you can buy award-winning items such as the Sappax cleaning tool and Befree natural detergents.  When Kristina is giving us the story of both personal and professional mile stones, it’s with a big smile and eyes full of pride.

“My self-confidence is extraordinary, to be honest. I simply take a giant leap into the unknown. It’s sometimes very emotional and people around me don’t always understand my point. But all I’ve achieved so far is grounded on ambition and hard work. On the same time running your own business should be fun and inspiring. If you don’t feel it’s worth it, change your strategy or put your efforts into something else. You don’t need other people’s permission to act.”

Kristina Kasimir has a clear vision. KRIZiT with its products and methods should be a concept which gives extra value for consumers and stands for a true, long-term change of how we regard cleaning.

“Of course I want the company to be profitable. Every company needs seed money. But one of my strongest driving forces is pure curiosity. I need to know how it feels when green cleaning has become the norm and heavy chemicals are yesterday’s solution. I’m proud that my products make a difference to the public. If KRIZiT is successful in Sweden, the next step is to expand my vision to the rest of Scandinavia. I’m not an expert in every field; I want to create a team working with the KRIZiT concept to enable organic growth in the company.”